Fine Frames HK 精框香港 - Behind the name

Fine Frames HK 精框香港 - Behind the name

Fine Frames Hong Kong is Hong Kong's premier picture and photo frame supplier, providing excellent door to door delivery service of the worlds most gorgeous and well designed picture frames.

Whether you are in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, or anywhere else in the world, we will be able to deliver to you.

Fine Frames Hong Kong did not always start off as an online store. Before the internet, as was the same with a lot of small business vendors throughout Hong Kong, I sold my Frames at the Christmas Fairs, which were put on at hotels and recreation clubs throughout the city.

My best friend, Danner at the Conrad fair, sometime in the 2000's

I loved attending these fairs. They provided me a great feeling of community and year after year I would often see familiar faces come back and rent the stalls next to me and proudly sell their goods. Its was a place I could bring my children and we could all do our Christmas Shopping together. It wasn't easy work, there was lots of heavy lifting and hauling, but with the help of my family and friends, we were always able to get it done.

The hard work definitely felt a lot easier, as I was so passionate about the product. Addison Ross photo frames are such high quality and made with such care that they really just sold themselves. In my opinion, they really are the finest frames in the world. 

I hope that COVID-19 allows us to continue on selling the frames at our most favorite Christmas fairs, and we hope to get back to it and see all the friendly faces there this season.

Fine Frames Hong Kong was directly translated into 精框香港 for our Hong Kong audience. We hope that you enjoy it and shopping on our store.

Best wishes to all!